Giuliano Tamburini was born in Pesaro in 1958 where he obtained his high school diploma in accountancy in 1977. He started painting at an early stage and is self taught. He chose the landscapes as his favourite subject using mostly oil or tempera.

The study of the classics led him later to discover the deep contrast between light and shadows used by Caravaggio to intense expression, by Vermeer, in refining portraits of everyday life and also by Turner in the great suggestivity of his landscapes and in particular in his Venetian works enhancing the intensity of the expressive quality of watercolour.

Tamburini pursued his artistic studies in order to widen his knowledge of different techniques in various schools and art institutes, with special attention to the study of watercolour, sculpture and modelling. At the same time he acquired more indepth knowledge of various XXth century movements getting progressively closer to contemporary art.
In recent works tempera and acrylic prevail, the latter being applyied by silver leaf.

As well as the traditional way of painting, G. Tamburini now paints through different means, like the airbrush and other kinds of handicraft instruments.
In 2002 he started painting works inspired by social communication with deep emotional impact. In October 2004 he presented works representing violated childhood.

Since 1994, Tamburini has taken part in both private and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad, gaining the interest of critics and achieving many awards and merits.